Cordelya (cordelya) wrote in syn_promo,

Wench. Pirate. Duck Scrubber...

This is my personal blog. I used to use my account on LJ, but got tired of all the drama it seemed to create. Now that I'm posting on my own website, I'm much happier. My posts run the gamut from crafts to MMORPG gaming to web design to productivity to cultural and not-so-cultural events, and lots of other stuff squeezed in between. I invite conversation via commenting (on the site, not in the LJ feed - those disappear after two weeks) and try to respond to comments as they come, returning commenters' visits as time permits.

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Recently, my posting frequency has been down, but I'd like to bring it back up to between several times per week to once per day.



Cross-posted to syn_personal but it doesn't look like it's going to matter much (by looking at the user info)
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