Sommer (tomkyn) wrote in syn_promo,

On Pie and Other Such Things- A diet blog

For those interested in an honest, intelligent and funny blog about dieting and lifestyle estrangement, onpie is just that sort of thing. The title of the blog is called "On Pie and Other Such Things" and is an amalgamation of one persons dieting fiasco coupled with anecdotes of some other people she knows doing it too. It's not exactly about "I weighed this much this morning. Today I'm going to eat these things and I'm going to walk and boohoo, I want to wear smaller jeans." Sometimes the posts have little to do with the diet itself, but about unintended consequences or gender as a social construction or about how easy it was to sit and play Resident Evil 4 all night instead of do something productive. It is a lot of things.

There are a lot of people forcing diets and programs onto themselves. Maybe you're not one of them, but I bet you know someone who is. Pass the word along.

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