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Please help my syn points!

I've created the following feeds, and more people need to look at them so I can look at more...

kottke -- personal weblog
rantinghalla -- this is my personal weblog, on my website.
inconveivably -- I know I spelled it wrong, but the pictures are aewsome.
adam_curry -- The former MTV veejay's weblog.
citystories -- The blog of the Citystories Project
sfstories -- Blog of stories on the sfstories.com website.
geekgrrlblog -- cool personal weblog
dollarshortfeed -- weblog of Mena Trott, co-creator of Movable Type
six_apart -- weblog of six apart, company thingy that makes Movable Type
chris_pirillo -- personal techno-centric blog of Chris Pirillo

Okay, I didn't make this one, but I like it lots and it needs more users...
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