Joseph Thiebes (thiebes) wrote in syn_promo,
Joseph Thiebes

Feeds from Powell's Books

Portland, Oregon (my home) legendary bookseller Powell's Books has set up some RSS feeds for the top 5 or 10 books in a variety of categories. I have syndicated many of these as follows:

Art: powells_art
Astrology: powells_astrolo
Banned books: powells_banned
Erotica: powells_erotica
Feminism: powells_feminis
Gay and Lesbian Studies: powells_gaylesb
Gender Studies: powells_gender
Linguistics: powells_linguis
Metaphysics: powells_metaphy
Moleskine Notebooks: powells_moleski
Books about Music: powells_music
Philosophy: powells_philoso
Popular Science: powells_popsci
Psychology: powells_psych
Rare Book Room: powells_rare
Comparative Religion: powells_religio
Sexuality: powells_sexuali
SciFi/Fantasy: powells_sf_fant
Sociology: powells_sociolo
Spirituality: powells_spiritu
Performing Arts-Theater: powells_theater
Western Civilization: powells_westciv

These seem to update every couple days or so with new entries.

Note that these feeds use an affiliate link, which benefits a local non-profit dedicated to securing the liberty of the individual.
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