DB Ferguson (nofactzone) wrote in syn_promo,
DB Ferguson

Syndication for a Stephen Colbert fan blog

Hi! My name is DB Ferguson, and I maintain a Stephen Colbert-centric news blog - NoFactZone.net. The LJ syndication is here:


The purpose of the blog is to aggregate topical news articles and buzz from the blogosphere featuring Stephen Colbert into a comprehensive news blog. The blog is updated multiple times daily and features up-to-the-minute news about Stephen Colbert and his appearances, awards, shows, calls to the Colbert Nation, and many other fun bits of information!

The blog also features Episode Guides for each episode of 'The Colbert Report' which include links to videos and screencaps. If you miss a show, this guide will help you read some of the best sound bites of the night so you won't get lost during the water cooler talk at work.

If you like Stephen Colbert, you'll love this blog!
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