cornellbox (cornellbox) wrote in syn_promo,

A couple new feeds on green building and green living:

greenoptions - Green Options - Brand new website (went live on 5 February 2007) concentrating on "Greening the Good Life."

jetson_green - Jetson Green - Modern + green building. Actually, I'm trying to flaunt the business case for green building. Sometimes I'll delve more into the green building than the modern, and vice versa.

mariaenergia - Maria Energia - Highlighting companies of all shapes and sizes that are leading the world toward more efficient, reliable, and secure energy in the 21st century.

Previously noted green feeds:
ecofriend_org - EcoFriend
ecogeek_org - EcoGeek
insidegreentech - Inside Green Tech
sustainablog - Sustainablog
treehuggerrss - TreeHugger

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