Beth (kid_lit_fan) wrote in syn_promo,

And she wore a perfect smile in Budapest

It is no secret that I have love for Ayun Halliday (at least for her writings, but I like to think that she and I'd be friends and that Kate and Inky would get along like gangbusters.)

On the 27th, she and her fam will be splitting town for Budapest. From there we'll go to Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, and Croatia, though possibly not in that order. We'll spend a full month bumming around! and it'll all be blogged, by Ayun and her kids, on Whogoslavia?

Now, my love for her prose brings me joy when even she's writing about mundanities like arguing with the kids about food or her former telemarketing job, but I expect a level of fascinating, and I've made it easy for you to get it, too, by creating a syndicated feed at whogoslaviaayun.
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