dani (fairybluebird) wrote in syn_promo,

snark + candy = love

A friend of mine was kind enough to set up an LJ feed for my candy review website, candyrecapper.com:


There are a lot of blogs where people post a few paragraphs rating different kinds of candy, and most everything gets a pretty high rating, and everyone loves Hershey's, and it's fun to read but it's over way too quickly and it all ends up seeming kind of the same.

This is not that kind of blog.

This is weekly (and, yeah, sometimes monthly) recaps of candy. Like at televisionwithoutpity.com, where they don't just tell you what happened on an episode of a show. They tell you what it was like to watch it, they joke about it, they give you background about the show or gossip about the characters and the actors.

It's that kind of blog. Funny, snarky, and personal in its reviews. The feed includes a short excerpt from each one and a link to the rest; I'm thinking about starting to have contests and things too. Anything to get rid of some of this leftover candy!
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