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Various web comic feeds

I have a tendency of syndicating the feeds of any blog or comic I want to keep track of, and I often forget to post them here when I do. I've created a number of syndicated feeds for web comics that I never shared, but I don't remember which I created and which I found, so this is just a list of all the feeds I watch now.

alienlovespred Alien Loves Predator
apophenia357 Apophenia 357 - on hiatus.
apophenia_357 A slightly different feed which is other comics by the same artist - also on hiatus.
badgodsfeed Bad Gods - flash comedy by Lore Sjoberg. Also on hiatus - geez. ;-)
calvinhobbesurl Calvin and Hobbes, of course.
catandgirl Cat and Girl
clanofcats_feed Clan of the Cats
comedity Comedity
concerned_hl2 Concerned: The Half-Life and Death of Gordon Frohman. OK, this wrapped up recently, but worth checking out. :-)
crfh_comic College Roomies From Hell!!!
ctrlaltdelcom Ctrl+Alt+Del
devpant_feed Devil's Panties
dieselsweet Diesel Sweeties
dilbertdaily Dilbert
doonesburyfeed Doonesbury
dorktowerfeed Dork Tower
errantstory Errant Story
everythingjake Everything Jake. A bit sporadic.
flem_comics FLEM Comics. Sporadic
flipside_comics Flipside
forthewicked_rs No Rest For The Wicked. Hmm, this feed stopped updating ages ago... have to see about a better one.
geebasonparade Geebas On Parade
ghastly_feed Ghastly's Ghastly Comic - indefinite hiatus.
girlgenius_feed Girl Genius Online
goats_comic Goats: The Comic Strip
gywo_rss Get Your War On
inverloch Inverloch
licd_feed Least I Could Do
lorebrandfeed Lore Brand Comics - very sporadic.
lovesraymond Everybody Loves Eric Raymond
machall_rss MacHall - feed currently down as they re-do their servers.
mark_ii_comic Mark II
miracle_science A Miracle of Science. OK, this one recently wrapped up too, but worth checking out.
modrnwrld_comic This Modern World
narbonic_rss Narbonic. Another one just just recently wrapped up.
non_sequitur_go Non Sequitur
nukees_feed Nukees
pennyandaggie Penny and Aggie. Hmm, the feed seems to be busted on their end, I'll let them know.
pennyarcaderss Penny Arcade
questionablerss Questionable Content
redmeat_rss Red Meat
sexy_l0sers Sexy Losers. On indefinite, probably permanent, hiatus.
sluggy_feed Sluggy Freelance
sluggy_feed_2 Sluggy Freelance. This is a URL only feed - the comic feed goes down once in a while at random, this is a backup.
softerworldfeed A Softer World
someposifeed Something Positive
tps_comic_rss Three Panel Soul
tmi_comic_feed Too Much Information
twentysidedtale Twenty Sided Tale
twolumps_feed Two Lumps
ubersoft_comic Ubersoft. Hmm, looks like this feed broke recently. I know they've been having server issues, if it doesn't come back soon I'll poke them.
userfriendlyrss User Friendly
vgc VG Cats
wo_feed The Wandering Ones
xkcd_rss XKCD

A friend of mine told me about a few others:
applegeeks AppleGeeks
homestar_rss Homestar Runner
seraphicbluenet Seraphic Blue
trashformers Trashformers (OK, this one is a bit of a joke. ;-) )

One trick I noticed is that many Keenspot comics have RSS feeds, even if they don't advertise them. Try adding 'comic.rss' to the URL. For example, if the comic's main URL is - the feed is probably A lot of the KS comics do not advertise their feed.

Feel free to suggest other feeds to check out.

EDIT: I edited the list to add more - 00:40 4/13/07.
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