Jessica Allan Schmidt (jpallan) wrote in syn_promo,
Jessica Allan Schmidt

Airfare discount feeds.

Airfare Watchdog is a site that recently was praised in the New York Times for the fact that it had human eyes culling the offers. I found that the site had a great number of good airfare offers, but they tended to go by very quickly, so they offered a syn feed to keep up.

I added the Airfare Watchdog feed for my hometown of Boston, and I decided I'd add feeds for some of the most popular cities. Voilà.

I started a number of newsfeeds for people who are searching for travel from local airports via Airfare Watchdog, and found a couple that had already been started by others.

atl_arfrwtchdg Atlanta, Ga. - Hartsfield-Jackson.
aus_arfrwtchdg Austin, Tex. - Bergstrom.
bos_arfrwtchdg Boston, Mass. - Logan.
mdw_arfrwtchdg Chicago, Ill. - Midway.
ord_arfrwtchdg Chicago, Ill. - O'Hare.
den_arfrwtchdg Denver, Colo. - Denver International.
fll_arfrwtchdg Fort Lauderdale, Fla. - Fort Lauderdale Hollywood.
lax_arfrwtchdg Los Angeles, Calif. - Los Angeles International.
mia_arfrwtchdg Miami, Fla. - Miami International.
bna_arfrwtchdg Nashville, Tenn. - Nashville International.
jfkfarewatch New York, N.Y. - John F. Kennedy.
lgafarewatcher New York, N.Y. - LaGuardia.
pdx_arfrwtchdg Portland, Oreg. - Portland International.
smf_arfrwtchdg Sacramento, Calif. - Sacramento International.
san_arfrwtchdg San Diego, Calif. - Lindbergh.
sea_arfrwtchdg Seattle, Wash. - Seattle-Tacoma.
sfo_arfrwtchdg San Francisco, Calif. - San Francisco International.
yvr_arfrwtchdg Vancouver, B.C. - Vancouver International.
iad_arfrwtchdg Washington, D.C. - Dulles.
dca_arfrwtchdg Washington, D.C. - Reagan National.
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