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it's sometimes hard to tell which ones I made and which I found

I've only been making feeds the last couple months and there's a few I abandoned because they weren't working the way I thought they should (is there a way to delete feeds?) but the following are pretty good by me:

dailydishrss - (linked)'s celebrity news
bondagefile - (linked)'s news of the weird
smackjeeves - (linked) typical webcomic deal
sfgfarley - (linked)'s Farley
ben_sargent - (linked) political satire webcomic
evil_inc_feed - (linked) de webcomic of EVIL!
digitalunrestco - (linked) Digital Unrest webcomic
girlgenius_feed - (linked) Girl Genius webcomic
seamoursheep - (linked) Seamour Sheep webcomic
drybonesblog - (image) the Dry Bones Blog webcomic
scarygr_feed - (image) Scary Go Round webcomic
applegeeks_rss - (image) AppleGeeks Big webcomic
markfiore - (animated)'s political satire
ermesworld - (linked) Ermes's world webcomic
sfgmadonna - (linked)'s All Over Coffee webcomic
bigger_cheese - (linked) Bigger Cheese webcomic
aproposomething - (linked) Apropos of Something
bad_reporter - (linked) Bad Reporter webcomic
beyonblackstmp - (image) AppleGeeks Lite webcomic
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