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Accuweather.com News and Blogs

I've syndicated the feeds for Accuweather.com that are available from here.

News Feeds
accuwthr_east - Eastern US Weather News
accuwthr_midwst - Midwestern US Weather News
accuwthr_south - Southern US Weather News
accuwthr_swest - Southwestern US Weather News
accuwthr_west - Western US Weather News
accuwthr_world - World Weather News
accuwthrfeature - Weather Features

Personal Blogs
accuweather_rss - Jesse Ferrell - Community Director / Meteorologist
accuwthr_abrams - Elliot Abrams - Expert Senior Meteorologist / North East US Expert
accuwthr_andrsn - Brett Anderson - Canadian Weather Expert
accuwthr_andrws - Jim Andrews - International Weather Expert
accuwthr_clark - Ken Clark - Western USA Expert
accuwthr_repprt - Alan Reppert - Europe Expert
accuwthr_sobel - Dr. Joe Sobel - USA Weather Expert
accuwthr_strait - Frank Strait - AccuWeather Meteorologist (video blog)
accuwthr_yeager - Paul Yeager - Western Weather Expert

Specialty Blogs
accuwthr_astro - Astronomy Center blog - Lisa Weiser - Astronomy Weather Expert
accuwthr_entert - Entertainment Weather with Karah Donovan
accuwthr_global - Dr. Joe Sobel & Elliot Abrams's Global Perspective
accuwthr_glwarm - Global Warming blog - Brett Anderson - Senior Meteorologist
accuwthr_meteo - Meteo Madness - Henry Margusity - Sr. Meteorologist and Severe Weather Expert
accuwthr_travel - International Travel Weather blog - Lisa Weiser

accuweather - Accuweather Headlines - Accuweather updates the headlines at the same URL every time, so the specific entries are updated by the feed and aren't brought to the top of the list until they expire on LJ after 2 weeks. It helps to have this one on a separate friends filter if you want to check the headlines on a regular basis.

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