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Charlie Stross is an excellent author who has been nominated for the Hugo, Nebula and BSFA awards. The LJ feed for his blog is charlies_diary. He's just announced that his latest collaboration with Cory Doctorow (of boingboing and Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom fame) will be done in public via a weblog. They write it, we see it. It's at unwirer
Here's Cory's pitch:
And away we go! The story, "Unwirer," is an alternate history in which the copyright industry's 1995 bid at the National Information Infrastructure hearings to redesign the Internet was successful. Now, America labors under a kind of MiniTel hell, where every online transaction costs a few cents and you can only field a website with the phone company's permission. Meanwhile, the French IT giant Be, Inc., has launched a global revolution with the first WiFi AP, and American guerrilla networkers are running through the hills on the US side of the Canadian and Mexican borders, establishing meshed access-points, working to provide end-to-end meshed IP from sea to shining sea. Hilarity ensues.

Read their previous, utterly over-the-top and grounds-for-commitment-to-mental-homes collaboration Jury Service here.
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