scottks (scottks) wrote in syn_promo,

Prepare or Die

OK, guys . . . it's the first day of 2008. Are you prepared? Do you have a 72-hour kit parked in your closet, ready to go at a moments notice? Do you have camping gear for an extended stay in the woods or a designated retreat should your primary home become unusable or off limits due to disaster? What about food? Do you have a three month supply? How about a year supply? Have you collected survival tools to help yourself and others in a disaster? Have you stored two-weeks worth of drinking water? Have you organized your neighborhood so that your neighbors can be self sufficient and mutually help each other in scenarios like a major power outage, an earthquake, a flood, or a wind event? Do you have a communication plan -- who to call, where to leave information should local lines go down? Have you gotten your ham radio license? Do you have your CCW? Would you know what to do if fallout drifted over your town?

If not, get with the program! It's never too late to get prepared, but the sooner the better, and the less chance you'll end up dead because you failed to learn, practice and store essentials for potential hard times.

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