Tired Guy (johnpowers) wrote in syn_promo,
Tired Guy

Read Poetry or Die

OK, guys . . . it's January 4th 2008. Are you prepared? Can you read poetry news in case of a disaster? Do you have a poetry dictionary for an extended stay in the woods or a designated editor should your primary poetry workshop become unusable or off limits due to disaster? What about an automated exquisite corpse game? Do you have an online poetry slam game? How about a poetry section where people rate your poems and you can be ranked along with your peers?

If not, get with the program! It's never too late to get prepared, but the sooner the better, and the less chance you'll end up dead because you failed to read GotPoetry.com.

Bird Flu!

Fear is good for you! All the cool kids are afraid. Chicks dig cowards! Men are attracted to frightened women!

Courage causes cancer.

Unless you read GotPoetry.com Osama Bin Laden will win, an earth quake will destroy your home, a landslide will then wipe out the rubble, a blizzard will cover up the snow, and then Katrina will come and wipe out the rest in your land locked state.

Some GotPoetry feeds that you can add as LJ friends.

gotpoetry_rss - Poetry news.
[info]gp_top_poems - Yesterdays top 10 poems.
gp_featured - All original columns on the site. 
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