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A collection of various syndicated feeds

I decided to promote a few of the lesser-known feeds I watch:

allisonmackblog - Occasional (rare) random posts by Allison Mack (who plays Chloe on Smallville), on life and other things.
bad_baby_names - A collection of the worst baby names ever, punctuated with witty commentary. (I find this one quite amusing!) New posts have been few and far between of late; will not clutter up a friends page.
copyfightblog - Frequent posts touching on copyright issues, from a pro-copyright-change POV. Great for anyone who wants to stay informed of new developments in the ongoing copyright battle.
daybydaycartoon - Humorous political cartoon that touches on the battle between the sexes and the generation gap as well as current political issues.
downhillbattle - Focuses on anti-RIAA developments and issues.
ggotd - Daily giveaway of games normally costing anywhere from $10-$50 (sometimes more!). Games are typically for Windows XP; Vista support often depends on the game. Comments by those who've tried it often give a helpful idea of how it works. Though many of the games are the too-common "remove three at a time" action puzzle, there are rare gems occasionally. Every game is only available till midnight Pacific time of the day it's released (you must download *and* install before that time), so if you want it, you'll not want to wait long. Feed includes a description of the game, a screenshot, and a link to the page where you can download the game.
givawayoftheday - Daily giveaway of programs, with the same limitations as ggotd. Common programs are video/audio converters and screensavers, among others, though very useful ones do pop up. Sometimes even more helpful are comments of those who say "there's a freeware program that does this ten times better!" I've found several good freeware programs I use now due to that.
hatrack - Orson Scott Card's blog (author of Ender's Game and the resulting series). Part commentary on political and other news, part review of games, movies, albums, and restaurants, and part general thought. Interesting and easy to read and enjoy--posts are scattered and only contain links to the blog entries, so you won't feel your friends' page inundated.
ia_blog - Occasional posts regarding new content at the Internet Archive (public domain material).
jonathanscorner - Best described by the feed bio: "A collection of Eastern Orthodox and Christian literature, theology, philosophy, artwork, games, and open source software." Note: this feed is more for reintroducing old articles than giving you new updates; great for discovering parts of his site you forgot existed.
liberated_games - New games that have been released freely to the public (either source code or binary, or both). A recent entry was Micropolis, the open source version of SimCity that Maxis released recently (only the name was changed, pretty much, as the SimCity title is still useful commercially to them). New entries are scattered and only include a link to the game and the entry title.
monasette - Irish photoblog with some very nice pictures, along with the camera settings used to get them. Occasional entries consisting of a link to the actual page and the first few words of the entry.
pawsandeffect - Cat blog with periodic questions from cat lovers. Answers are presented as if from the three cats owned by the blog writer.
slyck_news - P2P and filesharing news, on the whole (with some more technology-focused). Entries are sporadic.
thestraightdope - Where Cecil gives the straight dope on weird questions such as "Do you get wetter running or walking in the rain?" and "If all one billion Chinese jumped at the same time, would they throw the Earth out of orbit?" Answers presented with scientific research and witty commentary.
write4chocolate - Weekly comic (more or less) for writers, followed by a post with real advice and personal testimony from a writer.

Hopefully one of these will be helpful to someone!

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