Kristine (scouts_angel) wrote in syn_promo,

Shiba Inu dog feeds

If any of you are dog lovers and know or have a shiba, I have created feeds for all my favorite shiba websites starting with my own at the top. Each of these sites already had feeds created by RSS 1.0 or 2.0 so their owners should be okay with this. I wanted to make LJ my feed reader since I already peruse it way too much (shame on me at work!) Feel free to add away!

scoutmax from my own blog, Scout & Max, the shiba inu king
nycshibas from nycgadgetgirl who runs the NYC Shiba Rescue
shibalog is from a well-known & loved site Misanthropic Shiba
2shibas from For the love of Shibas!
akiraplusshiro is a Walk with Akira and Shiro
ami_dakota from Multifarious Miscellany's owner who has a shiba
chroniclesyuri the Chronicles of Yuri (& Hanzo)
kumatheshiba Kuma the Shiba (a rare long-haired one)
rowdyrover Rowdy Rover all the way from Wash. state
i_am_shiba and finally, I am Shiba!

If you know of another shiba blog that should be added and you want to promo it here, the coding is < lj user=scoutmax > . But remove the spaces before the first letter and after the last letter.
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