skydiamonde (skydiamonde) wrote in syn_promo,

A few new feeds

kyleorland: The blog of Video Game journalist, Kyle Orland (formerly known as the Video Game Ombudsman). Kyle originally started the Super Mario Brothers HQ (, writes for the Crispy Gamer, Joystiq, among others, and is a co-author of The Videogame Style Guide and Reference Manual.

gamesforlunch: Kyle's blog where he reviews a game every weekday. Description from Joystiq: "Every weekday, Kyle sits down with one game, for one hour, and writes a play-by-play transcript of his experience and opinions. At the end of each review, Orland rates the game by deciding whether it's worth playing for more than an hour. The reviews are succinct and snappy, and they demonstrate just how much gameplay actually makes it into the first hour of the games. Already flush with pages of content, and updating daily with new reviews, Games for Lunch is worth checking out, if only for that magic hour."

robojenny: The blog of a "young female computer science professional". Jenny updates every M, W, F and talks about random topics she thinks would be interesting to people in technical fields.
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