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Kino Kid

Bone Marrow Registration and Donation Awareness Blog

70% of people who need a bone marrow transplant need a total stranger who matches them to be registered as a potential donor somewhere in the world and consent to donate to them. Matching is complex so many people need to register for a person to find their match.

Since I do not match him, healemru_feed  is the blog my brother and I update concerning his search for a bone marrow donor.

It includes but is not limited to:
  • donor stories
  • clarification about the donation process
  • appeals from those who are waiting
  • special events that promote registration
  • tips on free registration in the US as we find it
  • upcoming bone marrow drives in the United States and UK
  • commentary on ethnicity and finding a donor, and the severe shortage of certain ethnic pools on the registry
Hopefully, we can encourage people to find a match for him and others who need it now or later.

You may have read about his website or blog on these syndicated feeds, so I would like to promote them as well in thanks:
boingboing_net  officialgaiman  mtl_city_weblog  cartoonbrew  shetterly  wardomatic 

Thank you for stopping to read this. If your knowledge of this type of transplant comes mostly from pop culture or an offhand comment from a friend without an explanation, please consider learning more about it through whatever means you are comfortable with.
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