DJ (djtseliot13) wrote in syn_promo,

For all the volcano lovers...

On Wednesday I'm heading to Hawai'i to help with US Geological Survey mapping of Mauna Loa's lava flows. In addition to the mapping, we'll be doing paleomagnetic dating as well as GIS work. I'll be there for 3 months. If anyone is interested, I'm keeping a blog that will have science and photos (fun for all, right?). I've just syndicated it over here on LJ, and it can be found at volcanosummer.

For background info, I am a geology M.S. student at CalState Los Angeles. My undergrad degree is a B.A. in history from Smith College in MA. I teach Intro Geo labs and Intro Oceanography labs at CalState. Hopefully some of you will join me on my adventures!
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