David (alpinemaps) wrote in syn_promo,

ESRI / GIS Blogs

For those of you that are part of the GIS (Geographic Information Systems) community, a number of ESRI's blogs are now syndicated to LiveJournal:

</a></b></a></div>- ArcGIS Explorer Blog
arcgis_srv_dev - ArcGIS Server Development Blog
arcobjects - ArcObjects Development Blog
esri_careers - ESRI Career Opportunities
esri_edn - ESRI Developers Network Blog
esri_dev_summit - ESRI Developers Summit Blog
esri_conference - ESRI User's Conference Blog
gis_ed - GIS Education Community Blog
geog_matters - Geography Matters
esri_gdb - Inside the Geodatabase
esri_map_ctr - ESRI Mapping Center Blog
esri_support - ESRI Support Center News Center Blog
esri_news - ESRI News
esri_pod_instr - ESRI Instructional Series Podcasts
esri_pod_spkr - ESRI Speaker Series Podcasts

Not all of those are as active as they could be.  But there is a lot of good content there.
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