Abiku (abiku) wrote in syn_promo,

Free Will Astrology

Since his website seems to be pretty popular among my friends, I decided to scrape Rob Brezsny's Free Will Astrology horoscopes into individual RSS feeds. He updates every Wednesday morning at around 05:30 GMT; I build the RDF files at 08:30 GMT, just to be safe. (There have been times where he's been late and I've had to run a manual update to account for it, so now I'm waiting a little longer.)

I originally sent him two different Email messages a few months ago asking permission to create the feeds, but I never heard back from him. I'm going to assume he either doesn't care, or just doesn't read his Email. Either way, he was sort of notified that the feeds were going to exist and the horoscopes appear pretty much as he intended them to on his printer-friendly page. (And, obviously, he's given full credit for the work everywhere possible.)

Feel free to add any of the following feeds to your friends list:
fwaquarius, fwaries, fwcancer, fwcapricorn, fwgemini, fwleo, fwlibra, fwpisces, fwsagittarius, fwscorpio, fwtaurus, fwvirgo
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