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I made this syndicated journal a long time ago, but I forgot to post about it: azadehmoaveni. It syndicates updates from the website of Azadeh Moaveni, a correspondent who has reported from several countries in the Middle East. She is the author of Lipstick Jihad: A Memoir of Growing Up Iranian in America and American in Iran and the forthcoming book (February 2009) Honeymoon in Tehran: Two Years of Love and Danger in Iran. She was also a contributor to Lila Azam Zanganeh's My Sister, Guard Your Veil; My Brother, Guard Your Eyes: Uncensored Iranian Voices, as well as the co-author of Shirin Ebadi's memoir Iran Awakening: One Woman's Journey to Reclaim Her Life and Country. Her writing tends to challenge a lot of stereotypes about Middle Easterners and often focuses on youth/twenty-something culture, women's issues, and politics.
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