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Kevin Blanchard

Are you on an Agile development team?

You might dig this feed. The blog is "Working Software Every 2 Weeks" written by Paul Beavers.

Check out every2wks 

From the blogs about page:

"This blog, “Working Software Every Two Weeks” has one primary intent. It is to provide a mechanism to allow me to share various thoughts, lessons learned, and anecdotes regarding Agile software development with the software development community and anyone else who finds it interesting.

Over the last twenty years, I have had the privilege of writing applications for IBM mainframes, TI business systems, Solaris, Linux, and Microsoft Windows. This development was done using a wide variety of computer languages and enabling technologies. Additionally, I have been exposed to many different management philosophies and and software engineering methodologies.

Currently, I am employed by BMC Software inc. in Houston, Texas as a Senior Director of R&D. My primary responsibility is to lead a large global organization of over 200 engineers on our quest for software engineering excellence. Under the inspiration of Israel Gat, we have made dramatic progress in productivity using Agile methodologies over the last three years. A recent study by an independent organization revealed our team to be amongst the best in the industry at achieving productivity gains using Agile development. Click here to see the full case study.

Hopefully, all of this is intriguing enough to make you curious enough to check back here from time to time for information you find relevant.

All of the opinions and information contained in this blog site are the thoughts of Paul Beavers and do not reflect those of additional parties including current and former employers.

Paul Beavers"

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