,\\atthew Daniel (mdaniel) wrote in syn_promo,
,\\atthew Daniel

apress daily deal

Apress.com is a provider of physical and electronic books and I enjoy their books very much.

They instituted a deal whereby at one minute past midnight Pacific Standard Time they would publish a USD$10 e-book deal of the day. For the remainder of that day, one can order the e-book for only $10. The books (as one might guess) are chosen daily from their library of available e-books.

I grew tired of trying to remember to check back for today's deal of the day, and thought that is something a computer should be doing on my behalf.

Thus, I give you the unauthorized syndication of Apress.com's deal of the day:


As with my other feeds, they are syndicated in good faith and will be taken down upon request from the content's owner.
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