,\\atthew Daniel (mdaniel) wrote in syn_promo,
,\\atthew Daniel

Mutts: Mooch, Earl and pals!

This is a shameless plug for the syndication of the Mutts comic by Patrick McDonnell.


There is a two week delay between the newspaper comic and the comic on his website, but for those of us who are forgetful about buying the paper or (as is my current situation) out of the country entirely, this makes for a great way of not falling too far behind on the stories.

If you have not yet bought Patrick's Mutts books, stop reading this and go do so. They're great.

This is a shameless plug because I only need 80 more subscribers to make the front page of the syndication list. If one counts the number of folks who have subscribed to my feed from an off-LJ aggregator then I'd win that prize easily. :-)

(edit: corrected the syn account type-o - sorry about that)
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