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Scholars and Rogues


From their main page:

Scholars & Rogues is a diverse band of thinkers, social analysts, activists, grousers, jesters, and troublemakers. We’re different in many ways, but we share a general belief in progress, a conviction that smarter is better, and a passionate distaste for convention.</p>

S&R isn’t a current news blog, exactly. There are some fantastic sites out there where you can get quick, first-on-the-scene takes, and if you explore the blogroll you’ll see what we mean. We’re more like the editorial desk. We see our mission as comment, analysis, informed opinion, deep insight. We try to figure out what things mean, and in passing that perspective on to our readers we hope to foster a greater tendency toward critical thinking in society.

On this blog you can expect to find a wide range of subjects covered. Some of the more likely ones include:

  • Politics and the economy (duh)
  • Social issues
  • Media and journalism
  • Education
  • The environment
  • Technology
  • Business and corporate social responsibility
  • Art, literature and music
  • Popular culture (TV, radio, electronic culture, etc.)
  • Subcultures

Scholars & Rogues is one of the blogs which is credentialed to cover the Democratic National Convention this week.
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