El. Almeda Mason (almeda) wrote in syn_promo,
El. Almeda Mason

The feeds I read

I looked through the userinfo, and noted that most of what I read doesn't seem to be there - and one of the ones listed there, I'm fairly sure is busted. userfriendlyorg has never had a successful post, so far as I can tell (which is why I unsubbed it. Well, that and I wanted the points! I'm currently at 7.918 of 8.000 ... hence the pimping of the feeds I read, in the hopes some of y'all might want to read them too, of course).
  • themorningnews - I just made this one today, pointed to an entry in its website by evilhat. Thoughtful commentary. [1 subscriber]
  • exploitationnow - a Keenspot comic, adult in nature, silly in tone. [1 subscriber]
  • doonesbury - Trudeau's classic comic. [3]
  • sinfestfeed - the ironic comic where God, the Devil, one of God's fanboys, a pimpin' kid named slick, and a poetic hottie are all characters. [5]
  • foxtrot_feed - the newspaper comic, with the geeky kid, his slacker older brother, their mallrat sister, and the rest of the family and friends. [7]
  • neilgaimanblog - Neil Gaiman's blog, as the title implies. Easily read (on the page) by as many people as Wil Wheaton's - subscribe and drive the price down! :-> [15] Correction: I've been told that something they did to the journal to fix it broke the feed at the end of October, so this won't be updating till the get *that* fixed. Just FYI.
  • dictionary_wotd - Dictionary.com's word of the day feed. One entry per day. Very nonspammy. [18]
  • dorktowerfeed - listed in the userinfo of this community as busted, but it seems fine to me. [26]
  • megatokyocomic - a webcomic, MegaTokyo. [37]

The rest of what I read is already in the userinfo.
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