One Small Hummingbird (Helicopter-Sized) (kolibri) wrote in syn_promo,
One Small Hummingbird (Helicopter-Sized)

Two new childbirth blogs.

Kathy Petersen, from northern Mississippi, is a DONA certified doula, who says of herself and her birth experience, "My first birth was a planned water-birth at home, and immediately after the birth, I felt more empowered and exhilarated than I have ever felt before. That feeling gave me a desire to share my experience, and that feeling of empowerment, with others." Much like uc_rixa's blog, Kathy shares great information about childbirth - the title of her blog is Woman-to-Woman Childbirth Education.

Laura Keegan recently wrote a book called Breastfeeding with Comfort and Joy.

Laura, an RN and FNP, writes her blog not only to promote her new book, which is self-published, but also to continue the education of breastfeeding mothers everywhere. As with Rixa and Kathy's blog, she feeds readers helpful information and interesting news clips about breastfeeding.
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