le_trombone (le_trombone) wrote in syn_promo,

What I Did During My Summer Vacation

Made feeds

Book blog, bridge and chess columns, four sicence blogs, a Linux column, and a gay rights column. Something for everyone:

     Those of you who read the bookslut feed may notice that she often quotes the Moby Lives web site. There's a reason for that -- it's very very good. I created the feed so that I wouldn't miss anything.

     Much to my annoyance, the Guardian Weekly stopped carrying Zia Mahmood's bridge column. Unlike a lot of bridge columns, it's well-written and sometimes even funny. Fortunately, the daily version of the paper carries it, and its feed is available, so I snarfed it.

     And while I was at it I grabbed the chess columnists too. There are two chess columns, each appearing weekly, and they're both delivered via this feed.

     Cosmic Variance is a science blog with entries from a group of physicists. I've gotten some truly interesting news from them, as well as the occasional cool picture.

     Another science blog, this time from Greg Laughlin, who writes about extrasolar planets -- finding them, the recent discoveries, that sort of thing.

     Why yes, another science blog, this from the laboratory end of things of someone who runs mass spectrometers, laser drills, and other cool things.

     I didn't create this one, only because someone beat me to it. It is a blog of the science of deep space exploration, and also acts as the Tau Zero Foundation's newsletter.

     An occasional weblog on new Linux releases, the software that runs on it, with helpful hints.

     A newspaper columnist on gay rights. This hetero male recommends it for its historical perspective and actual journalism.
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