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Polyamory in the News

“What happens when polyamory becomes mainstream?” It’s not there yet, but the last three months of poly in the media suggest it’s coming faster than we've expected.

A major newspaper makes waves profiling “Love’s new frontier.” John Stewart’s “The Daily Show” highlights a poly group of three. Many advice columnists increasingly get it. Seven new polyamory books are in the authoring/publishing pipeline. If you haven't kept up with Polyamory in the News in the last three months (or subscribed to it by the LJ friends feed or other syndication service), here's some of what you missed:

  • Polyamory is “Love’s New Frontier,” according to the cover story of the Boston Globe Sunday Magazine a few weeks ago. “Polyamory has a decidedly feminist, free-spirited flavor, and these are real relationships with the full array of benefits and complexities — plus a few more — as the members of Poly Boston’s hypercommunicative, often erudite, and well-entwined community will explain....”

  • The author of that article appeared on the local Fox-TV affiliate for a remarkably respectful, thoughtful 5-minute interview. The female Fox interviewer concluded it by saying that polyamory was “not widely accepted yet, but interesting, and who knows what the future may bring?”

  • What will happen when poly becomes mainstream? That topic will be discussed at Loving More’s upcoming Poly Living Conference the weekend of February 19-21 outside Philadelphia (I’ll see you there!), as several additional friendly articles push the issue forward.

  • A real-life poly group of three appeared in a comedy bit on “The Daily Show” (and one of them gives a behind-the-scenes report on the filming).

  • The Tiger Woods affair? Writing on the Newsweek site, Jenny Block presents a clear, strong, much-needed poly take on the case. Referring to herself and her husband: “First we both dated the same woman. Then my husband dated her and I saw other people. And then they broke up and I dabbled until I met a woman who, like my husband, I cannot imagine being without. And so now it's her and me and him and me, and we are all fabulous friends. No one feels left out or guilty, and the only time any of us questions our lifestyle is when we let those Disney movies come creeping back into our heads.

    “Let me be very clear here: I have no problem with monogamy. I think conscious, honest, true monogamy can be a wonderful thing. What should not be tolerated is hypocrisy.... Monogamy is a choice. But until it's treated like one, cheating scandals will continue.”

  • Jenny also speaks up loud and clear on BBC radio’s “World, Have Your Say”.

  • At least seven new polyamory books are in the works to one degree or another.

  • An Israeli report on a Loving More retreat in upstate New York. Sensitive and accurate. If you’ve wondered what Loving More’s annual rural retreats are like, read this. (Translated from Hebrew.)

  • Young poly news roundup, including college newspapers, TNG (The Next Generation) organizing, and analysis of the age-gap problems common in poly social communities.

  • Canadian polys organize to present their case in court against Canada’s sweeping (and currently unenforced) anti-polygamy and anti-polyamory law.

  • More advice columns that get it, and more. The normalization of polyamory continues.

  • When does poly get too popular? When Britney Spears, The Gossip Girls, fashion-design marketers, and other role models for the too-easily influenced think it’s a trend to climb on board.

  • The world’s largest-circulation English-language newspaper, a tacky British tab, runs a long, positive, not-tacky feature article on a long-term poly family titled “Love is 1 man, 3 women and a bed built for 5”. Which gets reprinted all over the world.

  • And more.


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    I've done 371 of these reports in the last five years. They're sorted in the archive by topic, date, and sometimes location. I hope you have as much fun browsing them as I have creating them!

    Happy Valentine’s,


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