Miss Lynx (misslynx) wrote in syn_promo,
Miss Lynx

A handful of new-ish feeds

I've set up a few RSS feeds on LJ for various blogs I wanted to keep track of over the past few months, and I keep forgetting to post here to let other people know about them. I'm not sure if all of the ones below were set up by me or only some of them - I just looked through my feeds and posted the ones that had only 1 or 2, or at least very few, subscribers. Some of them I might have been the second or third subscriber to instead of the first, but whatever - they're all underappreciated feeds that not many people are reading yet, so I thought I'd post them here to let people know about them:

Also, it's apparent to me from looking at this list that I have a really weird assortment of interests... Putting it all together, it looks like I ought to be discussing science fiction and makeup tips with vampires, small children and cephalopods at a vegan steampunk tea party. In multiple languages.
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