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Couple of webcomic feeds

So I am notoriously bad at keeping up with webcomics, so I finally decided to make some RSS feeds for my current favorites. :3

aikonia from Aikonia is a fantasy webcomic that serves as a prequel to the upcoming Aikonia PC game and is drawn by the artist of Awkward Zombie.

blackadventures from Black Adventures is a capscrack comic VERY loosely based off of the upcoming Pokemon Black and White games that started out as a type of CYOA originating from 4chan's /vp/ board that grew into its own.

r_candytreatmnt from Rare Candy Treatment is another Pokemon comic that likes to poke a little fun at a lot of the mechanics of the series.

mokepon_comic from Mokepon is yet another Pokemon comic. Please tell me there are Pokemon fans here. ;3; This one follows a young man named Atticus who doesn't care about pokemon, but is forced into going on a Pokemon Journey anyway with a Charmander he calls "Dragon Thing".

ansem_retort from The Ansem Retort is another capscrack comic, this time featuring the cast of Kingdom Hearts (mostly the Chain of Memories cast) with wildly different personalities (usually messed up, Example: Axel likes to burn down orphanages for no discernible reason and Sora lacks any kind of reliable memory). TBH, I was surprised this one didn't have any RSS feed here considering its popularity got it a TVTropes page. :V
WARNING: Like the site itself says, there is quite a bit of offensive language and offensive humor to be found towards a number of groups in this comic even if much of the humor is tongue-in-cheek. If you are easily offended, I would NOT recommend this comic to you.

And that's it for now! Hope you all enjoy these feeds I've made! ^_^
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