will.i.am (crichton) wrote in syn_promo,

A few of interest

...or perhaps not. But nevertheless, peruse them if you wish, add them if you like:

lgf: Little Green Footballs
A daily political blog that leans heavily toward the right; quite anti-terrorist. But I find it enjoyable and a hoot at times.

coxandforkum: Cox & Forkum
Political cartoons with a conservative tilt. Excellent art, give it a gander.

And what would a post to a community be without a little shameless self-promotion.

tryingtofocus: Trying To Focus
My new blog space, as I migrate over there from LiveJournal. Not much there at the moment, but I'm going to focus my massive missives there. Check back in the past entries of crichton to get a feel for what it will be like.
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