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promote your favourite feeds here

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Syndication Promotion
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This community is for those wanting to promote an rss feed on LiveJournal.

Please do not:
* Ask for a feed to be added. This should be done in syn_quest instead. Any such posts will be deleted.
* post links to regular LJ journals, this is for external RSS feeds that have been syndicated only!
* post links that directly add feeds, just their LJ tags, thanks.
* post the same feed more than once in a month, if nothing about it has changed.
* just post a tag, give us a description that lets people know about what's in the feed, and maybe how often it updates too.
* post images without putting them behind an LJ-cut tag, it speeds things up for everyone.

If you want to promote an rss feed, post to syn_promo

If you are seeking an rss feed, post to syn_quest

If you don't know what an rss feed is, or would like to know more about them, please read the Syndication FAQs

A list of all Syndicated accounts:

Many thanks to adcott for providing his original syn feed tool for us!

This community is maintained by technodummy and crschmidt


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